• >> To carry out academic discussions on strategic roles to be played by Nepal with respect to foreign affairs.
  • >> To carry out study and research on important issues regarding foreign policy of the nation and thereby adopt means of suggestions through programs.
  • >> To establish relations with friendly nations, international governmental and non-governmental organizations and from among the individuals and institutions which work on human values and assumptions and thereby play role for democracy, human rights and collective development.
  • >> To carry out extensive study on policy, planning, roles and program on foreign affairs and thereby play role to make it more effective.
  • >> To carry out discussions on international relations and its impact.
  • >> To carry out study, research, article writing, symposium and discussion on impact of globalization and liberalization upon Nepal.
  • >> To carry out interactions, discussions and symposiums on conflict management and resolution of Nepal among national and foreign experts.
  • >> To be aware on world climate change and play a role of opinion making in national and international level and thereby carry out awareness activities on its effects and impacts.
  • >> To take necessary initiative in related field in order to provide educational opportunities in international level and foreign cooperation.
  • >> To carry out discussions at national and international level for proper utilization of natural resources of Nepal.
  • >> To carry out necessary discussions and symposium to identify the issues to be addressed in accordance with time by ascertaining several issues of foreign policy of Nepal and thereby submit the suggestion to concerned sector.
  • >> To make publications and distribution of books and articles on miscellaneous issues of foreign affairs. If necessary permission is to be obtained from concerned agency of the government of Nepal, the same will be obtained. It can be added as per necessary.


Whereas, in the context that Nepal has maintained its position on foreign policy as non-alignment and brotherhood, in the context[more].


To carry out academic discussions on strategic roles to be played by Nepal with respect to foreign affairs. [more]

Principle Researchers

Our main researcher will be Professor, BishwambharPyakurel, Phd in economics. After the finalization of specific [more]

Social Connections

1) Nepali Congress Party cadres throughout the country 2) Nepal Student Union network throughout the country[more]

Interest Areal of Work

1) Research work on probable mutual co-operation on issues like border issues, trade and security.
2) Lobbing on economic activities support for [more]

Major Focus

1) Organizing intellectual discourse regarding the strategies to be adopted by Nepal while maintaining foreign affairs[more]

Place and Date of Establishment:
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